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GeGe I love You
Sorry it's kinda rushed :( I'll write you another message one day *hugs*

GeGe, I love You.

Even though I'm not physically near you, You're close to me.
Inside my heart, I wish for your happiness.

You are precious to me.
You are the sun as I am the moon.

Even if I'm far away
Even if I'm not near, I hope this message is clear
Even if people turn around, I'll be there

When you're falling I'll catch you
When you're running, I'll hide you.

Just to let you know, you're not alone
Just like the hundred of hugs I give you
Just like the sun
Remember the warmth is there

When it's to much for you, you can depend on me
When you're too tired, you can tell me
When you need support, I can help you

Just to let you know, You're not alone
Just to let you know, you don't need to take it all in
Just to let you know, you shouldn't keep it all in
Just to let you know, you are a treasure to me

Even if people think I'm weird
Even if people think I'm strange
I will tell you over and over that I love you

You are the best brother I can ever have
I would never replace you for another
You are irreplaceable 

I hope you'll continue to be my great brother
The you, who has a kind heart
The you, who is trying so hard
The you, who is lost
Let yourself explore the world
Go wild, feel free, and experience love

GeGe, I love you!



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