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Listen to Me
Pairing: Ryopi
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Yamapi and Ryo tries to get each other to listen to them.
Authors note: Happy Birthday Hana-chan!~

         “Yamapi!” Ryo whined, trying to get Yamapi’s attention. “Pi-chan! Stop ignoring me!” Ryo pouted. “Yamapi!” “Pi-chan!” “Pi!” “Tomo!” “Tomohisa!” Ryo whined again before poking Yamapi repeatedly.

              “Ryo!” “Can’t you see that I’m busy?! You were being childish all day and I couldn‘t get any work done because of you! Stop bothering me and go to bed now!” Yamapi screamed. “Pi… I don’t want to go to bed…” Ryo whined softly with wide eyes. “I don’t care! Go to bed now!” Yamapi screamed again. “Fine…. I hate you!” Ryo cried, before running towards their shared room.

            “Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at him…” Yamapi sighed, regretting his earlier action. “Damn it, he’s probably crying right now, and I’m the cause of it,” Yamapi whispered guiltily before walking to their shared room. “Ryo-chan, I’m so sorry for yelling at you,” Yamapi apologized when he walked in his room.

              “Ryo, look at me,” Yamapi pleaded when he went to their bed. “Ryo,” Yamapi tried again. “I’m sorry for yelling at you,” Yamapi apologized again putting a hand on Ryo’s shoulder. “Go away!” Ryo glared before pushing Yamapi’s hand off him. “Ryo…” Yamapi whispered. Ryo glared at Yamapi again before turning around and pulling the covers over himself. Yamapi sighed and left the room to finish his work.

             “It shouldn’t feel so lonely without Ryo bothering me…” Yamapi whispered to himself. “Then why do I feel this way?” Yamapi questioned himself. “Hopefully he doesn’t stay mad for too long…” Yamapi sighed. “Can’t concentrate on my work… might as well go to sleep,” Yamapi sighed before going back to their shared room. “Ryo are you still mad at me?” Yamapi asked when he climbed in bed, receiving no answer.

           “Ryo?” Yamapi called again receiving no answer. Yamapi sighed and tried to ignore the pain in his chest. “Maybe this is what Ryo was feeling,” Yamapi whispered to himself not noticing the other man’s stare. “I’ll just go to sleep,” Yamapi sighed before closing his eyes.

1 Week Later

             “Ryo-chan, it’s been a week already, stop ignoring me,” Yamapi cried, again receiving no response. “I didn’t want to have to do this but I guess I’ll have to,” Yamapi told Ryo before pulling Ryo to their shared bed room. Ryo glared at Yamapi and tried to pull his wrist away. “Just sit there,” Yamapi told Ryo before forcing Ryo to sit on the bed. Ryo continued to glare at Yamapi until he saw Yamapi pick up his guitar. Ryo stared at Yamapi in confusion.

             “Don’t laugh,” Yamapi told Ryo before he started playing a familiar song. Ryo tried to hide his amusement, but failed and started laughing. “I told you not to laugh,” Yamapi glared when he finished.  “I couldn’t help it, you were singing code of all songs,” Ryo laughed. “Jin suggested it since, I wanted to tell you how much I love you again,” Yamapi blushed making Ryo giggle. “You’re not mad at me anymore?” Yamapi asked. “I was only mad at you the first night,” Ryo giggled. “You ignored me for a whole week!” Yamapi pouted. “Revenge,” Ryo replied before sticking his tongue out at Yamapi.

              “Ryo!” Yamapi shouted before putting down the guitar and tackling Ryo, making the two of them fall in bed. “That’s what you get for being mean to me,” Ryo giggled. “Ok, I’m sorry,” Ryo laughed when Yamapi started to tickle him. “You better be,” Yamapi smiled before pulling Ryo into a kiss.

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RYOPI... RYOPI... !!!!! *victory claps*
hahaha... Kawaii.. Chooo kawaii..
I can't imagine Ryo run and crying like that when Tomo yelled at him.. LOL
good job !!!! (^_^)d
next time u should write more than just fluff *ero*

oyea.. Happy bday Hana-chan !! :D

hehehe!~ <3
I can imagine it!~ He'll do it just to make Pi-chan feel guilty!~ lol <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^
*coughs* Maybe in a few years? lol *coughs*

RyoPi fluffs! I like the fluffs. the fluffs make me very happy. xD

Omg. Ryo is such a whiny child! And Piii.. Omg. So adorable.

Fluff makes Eiji happy too!~ When Luna-sensei is happy Eiji is happy too!~ *hugs*

lmao, I know right? <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

(Deleted comment)
adorable~!!!<3333 X3333

I could actually imagine Ryo-chan's glares X"""D *buwaho-o;;;*

thanks for sharing ^-^

hehehe!~ <3

Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

awwwwwww i miss ryopi so much

I can't believe how cute that was!! Really!!!!!
It's so sweet how Pi feels guilty about yelling at Ryo and can't concentrate anymore ^^
Thanks for sharing!!

hehehe!~ <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

i just got back and here it is ~!!
i can imagine ryo-chan says 'revenge' XD

oh thank youuu ~!!!
thank you for the fic . ^^
really really appreciate ~!

I'm glad you liked it!!~
Your Welcome!~ ^-^

So cute, so sweet XD
Thank for sharing it XD

huweeeeeeeee!!! i'm super late..... (TToTT)..
please forgive me.... m(_ _)m *super deep bow*
hiks, i'm so sorry... (TT^TT), my busy times are really killing me.., i can't update my LJ early.. X(*dying*

it's super cuuuuuute!! i love it!! hehe, i imagine Ryo-chan's voice in cute tones, mmmm, let me put Never Ending Con DVD, which Ryo-chan calls Yamapi with "Pi Pi Pi, Pi Pi Pi", do you remember? auuuww, chooo kawaiiiii (>//v//<)o

haha, poor Yamapi!!! XD
but i love him in deepressed mode coz Ryo, it's amused me.. hahaha (>v<) *gomen ne Pi.., m(_ _)m*

thanks for making ryopi again.. i'm very happy,.. i really miss them so much.. ah, i miss NEWS too :(

thanks for the hard works, you always make me smile


It's ok! ^-^ Don't worry about it. *hugs* Don't stress yourself.

I'm glad you liked it :)*coughs* I don't really remember... I'm such a terrible fan. *coughs*

I know right? Poor Yamapi but we are kinda not sorry!~ lol <3

Your Welcome ^-^ I miss RyoPIN. I miss lots of things. <3

Thanks for reading!~ ^-^ That makes me happy!~ *hugs*

Love You too!!~ *hugs* ^-^

Uwaahhh~ Suggoii~ So sweet n lovely ^_^
It's so tender ^_^

Nice n thank you 4 make it up ^^

Lol....so cute
With revenge like that pi problably wont ignore ryo again:)
Thank you for sharing

lol, he better not!~ <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

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