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From a Distance
Pairing: Ryopi
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Ryo finds out why Yamapi was avoiding him.

             “Pi-chan, I finally found you” alone a smaller man cheered, before latching himself to the taller man’s back. “Pi-chan, you‘ve been avoiding me and Jin for so long… even though we live together…” the smaller man whispered. “I’m sorry,” Yamapi whispered. “If you were home all along you should have told me so I didn’t have to search for you,” the smaller man pouted.

             “Why were you searching for me?” Yamapi asked. “I missed you and I wanted to know if you were mad at me,” the smaller man whispered. “Ryo, I would never be mad at you,” Yamapi replied. “But, You were avoiding me…” Ryo frowned. “Ryo, come here,” Yamapi sighed, patting his lap. Ryo smiled and unlatched himself from Yamapi’s back before climbing on top of Yamapi’s lap.

              “So you’re not mad?” Ryo asked when he got comfortable and leaned against Yamapi’s chest. “No, I was just bust thinking and writing something,” Yamapi replied. “What are you writing?” Ryo asked. “A message to someone important,” Yamapi whispered. “Who’s that important person?” Ryo asked, hiding his pout in Yamapi’s chest. “Someone I love,” Yamapi whispered before petting Ryo’s hair. “You mean you’ve been avoiding me because you wanted to confess to the person you love?” Ryo asked while burying his face deeper in Yamapi’s chest. “I’m sorry,” Yamapi whispered.    

              “Ryo…” Yamapi called out when he felt his shirt getting wet. “Pi-chan, can’t you just stay with Jin and me forever?” Ryo sniffled. “Who said I was leaving?” Yamapi asked. “But… You were avoiding us because of your feelings for someone…” Ryo replied. “I… the reason is because that person is close to me…” Yamapi replied. “Who?…” Ryo asked. “You…” Yamapi whispered. “Ryo read this,” Yamapi smiled nervously before handing Ryo a sheet of paper.

From a distance, I see you smile.
From a distance, I see you laugh.
From a distance, I see you cry.

Just a little longer, and I could capture your smile to my memory.
Just a little more, and I could engrave your voice to my mind.
Just a little closer, and I could reach out to comfort you.

A far away smile.
A far away laugh.
A far away cry.

From a distance, I watch over you.
From a distance, I support you.
From a distance, I yearn for you.

My Sun.
My Air.
My life support.

From a distance.

Controlling my desire of wanting you.
Controlling myself from attacking you.
Controlling myself from taking a wrong turn.

To not scare you.
To not destroy you.
To not hurt you.

Your puppy like grin.
Your childish laughter.
Your silent cries.

This addiction.
These emotions, impossible to control

Before I break, before I take the wrong turn.
I want to tell you about this love.
I want to fill you with this love.
Before it’s too late, I want to tell you about my heart.

From a distance, you’ve captured my heart.
From a distance, I gave you my love.
From a distance.
                                            -Yamashita Tomohisa

              “Pi-chan… You dummy! You’re the one that created the distance by avoiding me…” Ryo commented while trying to hide his grin. “I know…” Yamapi replied before hugging Ryo tighter. “So that important person is me?” Ryo asked. “Yes, it’s you, it’s only you,” Yamapi whispered. “Pi-chan… Why didn’t you just tell me?” Ryo giggled. “I needed time,” Yamapi replied. “Oh… I love you too,” Ryo blushed. “Would you stay with me forever?” Yamapi asked. “Yes,” Ryo nodded and Yamapi smiled.

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please me at 1st!! m(_ _)m

Ryo is always cute in your fics ..
no comment .........

It's because Ryo-chan is adorable!~ <3
*hugs* Don't melt!!!
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

hahaha.. he's the best uke ! xPPP

its too cute (*//3//*)v
i want to write fanfic again.. but.. but...
jishin ga naiiii~ \O/

*coughs* he is!~ I don't think he can top a girl anyway!~ *coughs*

hehehe!~ :) <3
You should!~ good luck with it!~ *hugs*
*coughs* sorry, i don't understand what jishin is *coughs*

haha.. you don't understand nihongo ??
Jishin is confidance ..
I mean i have no confidance to write fic in english.

I did write a ryopi fic ofc... but non-yaoi and in bahasa.

i mean confidence .. LOL

nope, my japanese is terrible!~ lol <3 I barely know any.... :( It didn't really helped that i got dragged into K-pop, not that i minded. lol <3 I shall learn it one day!!~ <3

oh. I have no confidence either but i keep writing because it's fun and i'm happy when readers are happy!~ If you fall, you can pick yourself up again. No matter how many time you do it, you'll suceed in the end! *hugs*

Oh, that's nice!~ You could keep writing in your language until you feel confident enough to write in English!~
hehehe!~ :)

YAMAPI I LOVE YOU!!!! i love the message, it's so sweet... (TTvTT) my tears rolling down... it's really romantic...
i'm melting...
if i was to be Ryo-chan i'll fly so high coz happiness...

Ryo-chan is super cute... (>////<)o, is he crying? auuuww (TT^TT), but finaly happy in the end, hehehe :D

wah, i'm very happy..
continue to read RYOPI day by day from you, LOL XD

thanks for sharing this happiness, Winnie.. \(^O^)/


hehehe!~ <3
You're melting too? nooo, don't melt!!! *hugs*

yup, Ryo-chan was crying!~ He didn't want Yamapi to leave him.

I wish i could write Ryopi everyday so you'll be happy!~ *hugs*
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

haha XD, it will be my never ending of happiness if read yours everyday..
but, it will also limited your creates..
haha, i don't wanna bother you with my selfishness, my dear.. :3

Keep writing, & make more & more beautiful of many fics!!

i will always happy if you feel more happy & always smile :D

hehehe!~ <3
I wish i had lots of inspiration and ideas so i could write that much. Well writing something does take time, ideas, creativity, etc. *hugs* You're not a bother at all!~

I will!~ ^-^ Thank you!~ <3
Awwww :) That's so sweet!~ *hugs*

Thats so cute.pi so cute and ryo so sweet.

soo sweet. pi-chan write a love letter to ryo-chan.^_^

kyaaaaaaaa ~
this is so sweeeeeeeeeeeet !!!

i love seing Ryo being cute and childish ! :3

I do too!~ lol <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

Aww...Ryo-chan is always super cute in your fics XD
And Pi is so romantic when he wrote this letter for Ryo-chan <3
Your fic really makes my day ^.^

awwww :) I'm glad you liked it!~ <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

sooo cute!!!
Love this fics, childish ryo and romantic Pi = love.
Ryo chan makes Pi shirts wet because of his cry, so cute.

Thanks for writing.

hehehe!~ <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

Nice fic ^_^ Love letter ne, such a classic n romantic ^_^ so cute...I'm smile 2 when read it =) Thanks.

I'm glad i made you smile :)
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

How cute!!!
Ryo being all childish and worried...
And Pi so sweet!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

it full with romance and kawaii

So lovely and sweet
Thank you so much for sharing

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