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When Will the Rain Stop?
Pairings: Ryopi, Jinda
Summary: Ryo and Yamapi are in love and tries to run away/hide from Tatsuya, with the help of Jin. Tatsuya is hurt from the betrayal of the three, and Jin tries to end the mess he started.
Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: OOC?, cussing (a few times), weirdness.

            “Ryo-chan, why are you still awake?” Yamapi asked while stepping inside their shared room. “Ryo-chan?” Yamapi asked again, still receiving no acknowledgement from the smaller man. The smaller man continued to stand by the window staring at the rain that never seemed to stop. “I just can’t seem to sleep,” Ryo finally responded. Ryo-chan…” Yamapi whispered worriedly. Silence slowly took over the room as the only source of noise left was the rain clattering against the window.

             “When do you think the rain will stop?” Ryo suddenly asked breaking the silence. “I don’t know, I’m sorry, I really don’t know,” Yamapi whispered sadly. “Why are you apologizing when it’s not your fault?” Ryo asked. “If I didn’t fall for you, if I didn’t force my love on you…” Yamapi whispered. “If I didn’t love you so much… You would be safe, protected, and in a better place,” Yamapi whispered. “You wouldn’t have to live this way…” Yamapi whisper through tears.

               “Do you regret falling in love with me?” Ryo asked. “No… because I’m selfish that way,” Yamapi cried. “I don’t regret following you, even if I have to live like this forever… I will, because I love you,” Ryo replied, turning around to face Yamapi. “You are worth it to me,” Ryo smiled, trying to stop his own tears from falling while stepping closer to Yamapi.

                “Ryo, I promise to protect you no matter what,” Yamapi smiled before wiping his and Ryo’s tears away. “Ryo… Don’t ever leave me,” Yamapi whispered before pinning Ryo against the wall. “Tomo…” Ryo whispered. “Even though the rain won’t stop for a long time, I’ll stop it for you, even if it’s only for one minute,” Yamapi said softly, pressing his lips against Ryo. A soft, sweet kiss slowly transformed to a rough, and desperate kiss.

                 “Tomo… I love you,” Ryo whispered while trying to catch his breath. “I love you too,” Yamapi replied before pulling Ryo into a hug. “Even if the rain never stops, I’ll try to stay strong so I could be with you,” Ryo whispered. “When it gets to much for you, you can lean on me,” Yamapi smiled. “Tomo…” Ryo smiled before they heard their door bell ring. “He’s here,” Yamapi smiled before heading out to get the door.

                “Jin,” Yamapi smiled before letting him in. “Tomohisa… I think you two need to switch locations, leave to America,” Jin panicked. “What happened Jin-nii?” Ryo asked when he came out the room. “Tatsuya… He’s been watching me closely… lately… I think he’s suspicious of me,” Jin replied. “I have everything ready for you two, leave for our house in America… no one but the three of us know about it,” Jin whispered. “Leave to Akado airline, your plane leaves in two hours. Don’t worry about money, clothes, or food,” Jin smiled sadly.

                 “Jin-nii… Won’t you come with us? Please…” Ryo pleaded. “Please come with us…” Yamapi pleaded too.  “Ryo… Tomo… You know I can’t leave him alone…” Jin whispered. “I shouldn’t have brought Ryo to meet Tatsuya… Tatsuya… he was lonely… I thought Ryo needed someone too… so I introduced them…” Jin cried. “If only I didn’t introduce them… Ryo wouldn’t have been locked down by him… I never knew you two would fall for each other…” Jin said sadly.

                  “Jin-nii, It’s not your fault… You just wanted us to be happy…” Ryo replied while hugging Jin. “Tatsuya… The right person for him is actually you…” Ryo smiled. “He loves you but he’s too scared to tell you… So he wanted to distract himself…” Ryo smiled sadly. “While I was living with him I learned lots of things about him, don’t give up on him since this is the choice you made…” Ryo cried.

                 “Thank you for understanding…” Jin smiled sadly. “Tomo… Please take care of my brother,” Jin bowed. “Jin… No need to bow… It was thanks to you that I got to meet Ryo,” Yamapi smiled. “Will you be alright though?” Yamapi asked. “Tomo… The two of us has been working for Tatsuya for how long? You should know that he’ll eventually forgive me if he finds out.” Jin laughed sadly.

                   “You two should leave for the airport now…” Jin said before hugging the two of them. “Please be happy together…” Jin smiled. “I don’t know how long it’ll be before I would be able to see the two of you… It might be in a week or a month or years… or maybe never but I promise you that one day the rain… this mess will end,” Jin whispered. “Thank you… We’ll be leaving now,” Yamapi smiled sadly before getting an Umbrella, and opening the door.

                “Tatsuya…” Yamapi whispered when he saw the older man drenched in rain standing in front of him. “You know… Three of you were the people I  trusted the most but you were also the first people to betray me…” Tatsuya whispered while glaring at the three of them. “Ryo… Would you come back to me if I killed him?” Tatsuya asked while pointing his gun towards Yamapi. “Tatsuya… Don’t! Please!” Jin cried while pushing Tatsuya’s gun to another direction, just in time before the bullet shot through the window, making the glass shatter.

               Ryo who was still in shock, fell to his knees, and cried. “Ryo…” Yamapi whispered before hugging him. “Tatsuya… Please let the two of us be together…” Ryo cried. “You’re only keeping me by your side because I’m his brother… In front of you I’m just a replacement…” Ryo whispered. “I finally found a man who I want to stay with for eternity, someone who sees me for who I am, someone who promised to protect and love me… Won’t you let go of your fear and tell that man in front of you? You love him don’t you?” Ryo cried.         

               “Tatsuya… Please let us be together…. I’m sorry that we betrayed you….” Yamapi begged. “I promise to never hurt him in anyway. I will protect him from everything. If you want us to never show up in front of you again, we won’t,” Yamapi promised. “Please think about it… The person next to you… He needs you as much as you need him,” Yamapi whispered.

                “Tatsuya… Please let them go… I‘ll take all the punishment,” Jin whispered in Tatsuya’s ears. “Leave!  I don’t know how long it would take for me to forgive you guys, but don’t regret it,” Tatsuya glared. “Don’t show up in front of me until I forgive you two because I don’t know what I’ll do…” Tatsuya cried before throwing his gun to the other side of the room. “Tomo… Ryo… Be safe, take care of yourselves…” Jin smiled sadly as the two left.

                “Jin…” Tatsuya glared before throwing him against the wall and kissing him. “You don’t know how much it hurts to be betrayed by you…” Tatsuya glared, pulling away from the kiss. “It hurts so much and I don’t know how long it’ll take the heal,” Tatsuya whispered before kicking Jin, making him fall to the ground. “This is your punishment, you’ll have to live like this for the rest of your life,” Tatsuya whispered before chocking Jin. “You’re mine from now on,” Tatsuya whispered before letting go of Jin’s neck and slapping him.

               “Tatsuya…” Jin whimpered through tears.  “Jin… You’re not aloud to leave me…” Tatsuya cried before pulling Jin into a hug. “I’m sorry…” Jin cried. “Jin… Don’t make me mad anymore because I would have to hurt you,” Ueda whispered before petting Jin’s hair. “Tatsuya… I love you…” Jin whispered before Tatsuya pulled him in for another kiss. “This was how it was suppose to be in the first place,” Tatsuya whispered. “Tomo… Ryo… I’m so sorry for pulling you guys into this mess…” Jin whispered.

                “Don’t apologize…” Ryo and Yamapi whispered to themselves in their car, while heading towards the airport. “You felt it too?” Ryo asked Yamapi. “Of course, he’s my best friend…. Even if I can’t hear him… I could feel it,” Yamapi cried. “Was is the right choice to leave him?” Ryo asked while crying himself. “I miss him so much… my brother… Thank you for everything…” Ryo whispered. “I don’t know… But he wants to be with him…” Yamapi replied.

                 “Tomo… Lets not think about it anymore because I know one day we’ll see him again, like Jin-nii said” Ryo smiled. “When the rain calms down or stops, when this mess is gone… We can see him,” Yamapi smiled back. “We don’t have to hide anymore…” Ryo smiled. “Should we still go to America?” Yamapi asked. “Yes, because I know we’ll try to find Jin if we stay here, and the chances of seeing Tatsuya with him is very high,” Ryo replied. “Why are you asking anyways? We’re already on our way to the airport,” Ryo laughed.

                “Just wanted to know if you were going to change your mind. “I’ll never change my mind if I’m with you,” Ryo blushed. “How cute,” Yamapi teased. “Shut up, see if I’m ever going to say something nice to you again!” Ryo pouted. “Ryo, just admit that that you are adorable, and that I’m the most amazing person you ever met,” Yamapi laughed. “Tomo! Why are you doing this to me?” Ryo whined. “Because I love you,” Yamapi laughed. “More like loving to tease me,” Ryo pouted. 

                 “Ryo, You know I love you,” Yamapi smiled before pulling Ryo into a kiss. “Tomo! You idiot! That’s dangerous!  Focus on the road,” Ryo cried. “I don’t see what’s wrong,” Yamapi replied when he resumed to driving. “We are on the fucking freeway and it’s raining! We could have been in an accident!” Ryo glared. “I don’t see any cars and I wouldn’t mind dying if I get to be with you for eternity,” Yamapi replied. “Tomo! Damn it, I don‘t know if I‘m suppose to get angry or feel happy about what you just said!” Ryo blushed. “You’re suppose to be happy!” Tomo laughed.

                 “Ugh… Whatever! I’m not speaking to you for the rest of the trip!” Ryo glared. “Sure Ryo,” Yamapi laughed. “Okay! Fine! Maybe I won’t!” Ryo pouted. “You love me too much to anyways,” Yamapi grinned. “Jerk…” Ryo whispered. “What was that Ryo?” Yamapi asked. “I said I love you dumb ass!” Ryo glared. “That’s what I thought I heard,” Yamapi laughed. “You’re lucky that you’re you!” Ryo pouted. “Love you too cutie,” Yamapi replied, ignoring Ryo’s glare.    

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idk should i be sad or happy
but ryo chan is really adorable here

Same here.
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

I'm.. a little confused.. Yay for Ryopi.. and for JinDa.. but.. What the hell was Tatchan doing with a gun? I yeah.. This was nice but it left me a teeny bit confused..

Also.. I lost my spot!

Idk what he was doing with a gun. But I think he's sexy when he's evil or hurt or holding a gun... lol
Sorry that you were confused.

*hugs* It's ok, you were only 4 minutes late.

ooooowwhh!!! I'M HAPPY!! I'M VERY HAPPY!!

i'm little scared by Ueda.. he looks so posessive, it's weird... but i know he loves both Jin & Ryo-chan haha XD

LOVE can make people CRAZY!

but, Yamapi is my lovely.. my HERO!! he sure always protects Ryo-chan.. *aha, i remember old article, Pi said about protect Ryo-chan... auuww so cute (>/////<)/, but gomen i forgot where i read that..*

hee, you always LOVE jin to old brother of Ryo?? i've read twice about it.. haha XD

thanks for making this fic.. you always make me happy... (^____^)y

Yay! *hugs*

I think it's sexy... and I shouldn't be thinking that... lol <3

awwww :) That's so cute! <3

It's because Jin isn't going to end up with Ryo so I make him important in Ryo's life. lol <3

Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

Is there a chapter before this?the end was cute.I like it,it got intense scenery at first.

No there isn't, I'm sorry if it was confusing. I wrote the beginning like a week or two ago and kind of neglected it. I came back to it today so it's kinda weird? If that makes sense!~ lol <3

Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

Its not wierd just have missing part,like the background.what happen that cause it.thats all.

I only put hints because I didn't want to turn it too long. Thanks for your feedback!~ ^-^ *hugs*

Happy for them hope they all find their happiness
Thank you so much for sharing

They will, somehow :)
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

ryopi was so lovely. i like the end part. and poor jin.. i hope ueda can treat him well besides hurting him.^_^

*nods* He might one day.
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

haha.. i like the ending! :D
yandere no RyoPi ga daisuki >__<

nice story~ ^^v

yay!~ :)
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

Sweet fic n cute ^_^ RyoPi so lovely n Tat-chan what happen 2 U? Jin, U sacrifice everything so nice of U ^^

Thanks 4 sharing it =)

Ueda is just insecure!~ <3
Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

ueda with a gun does sounds sexy and cool ! XDD

ryo is super adorable here ! ^^

I know right? <3

Thanks for reading!~ ^-^

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