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Oh My God Sun! <3

Is This the Reality You Guys Wanted? <3

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Would I be alright? (Hangeng&Jin)
Characters: Hangeng and Jin
Summary: Two people with similar yet different thoughts.
Rating: All

normal = Hangeng
Italics = Jin
Bold = Both

A country I left for years.
A country I left before.
A country I was born in
A place I love and belong in.

A country I just came back to.
A country I came back to years ago.
My first home.
My only home.
A place I can’t abandon.
Yet, I cry for my other home.
Yet, I want to run away.
A place I stayed for years.
A place to be alone.
A place filled with memories.
A place for time to think.
A place of happiness.
A place for changing.
How much longer can I pretend?
How much time do I have?
Would I be alright?

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so touching
thank you so much for sharing

I kinda have this song idea going in my head when I hear this, very nice! I love it.

write it out <3
Thanks for reading ^-^

yay! <3 I look forward to it <3 ^-^

Aw.. All I can say is this is PERFECT

Definitly gets the meaning across.. <3

awwww, that makes me happy <3
I was worried that these would fail <3
Thanks for reading ^-^

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