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Oh My God Sun! <3

Is This the Reality You Guys Wanted? <3

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Time Spent away (Kangin&Kusano)
Characters: Kangin and Kusano
Summary: Two people with similar yet different thoughts.
Rating: All

normal = Kangin
Italics = Kusano
Bold = Both

A mistake.
A crime.
A time I can’t turn back to.
Can’t turn away from.

A painful goodbye.
A painful farewell.
For two years.
For an amount of time I don’t even know.
To be a better person.
To improve myself.
To go back to the place I left behind.
To find a new place to belong.
The place where I can joke and play around.
A new place to laugh and joke around.
To the people waiting for me.
To where more people can accept me.
To make up for lost time.
To make new memories.
From time spent away.

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aaahhh so touching, sad but sweet
thank you for sharing

Hey - that's pretty cool ^^
But so bittersweet...

hey <3 Thanks :)
It is... I can't really write fluffy these days, everything i write is turning to angst, lol <3

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