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Oh My God Sun! <3

Is This the Reality You Guys Wanted? <3

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Characters: Sungmin&Ueda
Summary: Two people with similar yet different thoughts.
Rating: All

normal = Sungmin
Italics = Ueda
Bold = Both

Rabbits, stuff animals, color pink
Milk crepes, cakes, sweets
Cute things
Delicious treats
Source of relaxation
Source of happiness

Part of my world
Part of my life
A reason for people to let their guard down
A reason for them to think I need protection
I’m not so weak
Trained in Martial arts
Trained in boxing
Still a man
Even stronger
Proud of my ways

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so sweet and cute
thank you so much for sharing

I REALLY like this one.. It just makes sense. <3

I see them as cute but really strong, i can't see them as weak<3
Thanks for reading ^-^

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