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True Winner
Pairings: Ryopin, KameNishikatoPINda, Tegoryo(friendship)
Genre: Fluff, Comedy, drama?, Romance
Warnings: Weirdness, Cross Dressing, Cursing
Rating: Pg-13 or 15?
Summary: One man's jealousy leads to three people challenging each other. A challenge leads into a war where the three people challenging each other combine forces. Lovers become enemies and fight to be the winner; despite being lovers, no one is going to back down easily.    

Author's note: RyoPIN's outfits are this because I fail at making up something myself, and I remembered Princess Princess while I was typing this. Happy Birthday Anthia-chan!!~ Well it's officially your birthday where you live!!~ Happy Birthday!!~ <3 *hugs*

            Ryo was currently lying down in News’s dressing room couch, trying to sleep. He was tired from his individual and group activities from both Kanjani8 and NewS. Ryo was lucky that the company decided to give every Johnny’s an 2 hour break today. He was about to fall asleep, but was kept awake from Koyama’s screams for Shige to help him, when Tegoshi offered him the 10th cupcake.

             Koyama would refuse it, but Tegoshi said it was for the sake of member ai, and it’s hard to refuse their youngest member anything. Shige was uninterested in helping his best friend, and just laughed whenever Koyama was forced down another cupcake.

              Ryo considers going to Kanjani8’s dressing room, but remembers that they would be louder than News. In the middle of his thoughts, Jin barged in to their dressing room announcing that he was bored. Yamapi and Jin started to send prank mail to Shirota to entertain themselves. Ryo stared at Massu with amazement and respect, when the younger boy just continued gobbling down gyoza, unaffected by all the noise. Ryo snapped out of his thoughts when he remembered he was suppose to take a nap to regain his energy. 

               Over a few rooms Arashi was having their weekly cosplay day. They were all starting to get bored and Sho suggested they find a new member in their weekly cosplay day, so Aiba suggested they kidnap someone. Sho started to protest when Jun said that it a great idea, and that Nino and him knew the perfect target. Sho asked Ohno what he thought about it, and nearly fainted when Ohno agreed.

                 After Sho calmed down, he asked in a soft voice, “Who?” Ohno and Aiba shrugged while Nino and Jun chorused, “Ryo-chan, cause he will be a fun and easy target for them.” Arashi snuck into News dressing room and kidnapped a sleeping Ryo. Well they didn’t really kidnap him since Koyama practically gave Ryo to them, when they said it was for them to increase their member ai, and their friendship with Ryo.

                   An hour later Ryo woke up in Arashi’s dressing room, wearing a pink Kimono, printed with Sakura petals; trying his best not to panic, he searched everywhere for his clothes. Nino walked up to him with a smirk, saying, “You’re finally awake Nishiki.” “Ninomiya-kun, Have you seen my clothes, and is this your doing?” Ryo questioned as he touched his long, straight, silky, black, hair. The rest of Arashi waved at Ryo and smiled, “Don‘t you love our work?”

                   “Your our new cosplay buddy,” Aiba informed Ryo with a grinned. “I tried to stop them but, they wouldn’t listen to me,” Sho complained, receiving a whack on the head. “You had the most fun,” Jun accused, and Sho coughed.

                    “My boyfriends aren’t going to be happy about this,” Ryo sighed. At that moment Tegoshi burst through the  door, entering the room, with Jin and Yamapi following closely behind. “I heard you dressed Ryo-tan up,” Tegoshi giggled. Ryo blushed and hid his face, gaining a chuckle from Jun.

                  Ryo slowly looked up at him and glared before turning to stare at Jin and Yamapi, expecting them to help him. “You’re so pretty, I would jump you if Arashi and Tegoshi weren’t here.” Jin giggled, before hugging Ryo. “You don’t know how cute you are right now, and I agree with Jin,” Yamapi grinned, before joining the hug. Ryo stared at them with disbelieve before glaring at them.

                 “It seems that you’re boyfriends are happy about it,” Nino snickered. “Well, my other boyfriends will save me!” Ryo pouted. “Where are Shige, Tat-chan, and Kazuya anyways?” Ryo asked Jin and Yamapi.” “They went out somewhere together earlier,” Jin replied. “Where?” Ryo asked and Jin shrugged.

               “Let’s put Ryo in a maid out fit next,“ Jin suggested. “I want to see him in a Sailor girl uniform!” Yamapi argued. “Why not a Lolita outfit?” Tegoshi argued. Ryo sighed, hoping someone in their right mind will come rescue him. Arashi started feeling guilty and left the room before Ryo tried to kill them, not that Ryo would be able to. They prayed to god and hoped that Ryo’s boyfriends forgot that they changed Ryo’s clothes. They didn’t want five possessive guys after them because of their boredom.

                  Ryo sighed again before trying to escape, only to be pulled back by Yamapi. “Tomo, let go!” Ryo glared. “But Ryo, you look amazing,” Yamapi grinned before pulling him into a kiss. “Tomo, it’s not fair! I want my turn too,” Jin pouted before pushing Yamapi away, and kissing Ryo. Ryo pushed Jin away and glared at the two. Ryo turned away and headed towards the door. “What’s wrong?” Yamapi asked worriedly before pulling Ryo back.

                “Let go…” Ryo whispered. “Not until you tell us what’s wrong!” Yamapi replied. Ryo glared and Yamapi only held onto him tighter, while Jin stared at Ryo worriedly. “It’s just that I probably look terrible in girl clothes, and all you two can do is tease me…” Ryo whispered, while staring down at the marble floor.

           Jin and Yamapi stared at each other before bursting out into laughter. “Telling you guys is useless!” Ryo glared, before attempting to escape again. “Dummy, we only tease you because we love you and you really do look amazing!” Yamapi smiled. Ryo only stared at him and tried to hide his red face with his long hair.

           “Fine! what do you want us to do, to make it up to you?” Jin sighed. “I want to see you two dress up too,” Ryo giggled. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Jin pouted. “It’s your fault for asking him,” Yamapi sighed before punching Jin lightly on the arm. “Are you doing it or not?” Ryo asked.

           “Ryo, We’ll leave the cross dressing to you, since you’re the official girl in the relationship,” Yamapi reasoned. “You guys are technically half girls in this relationship; cross dressing has nothing to do with…” Ryo coughed, hiding his red face, unable to finish when he realized Tegoshi was still in the room. “Oh, don’t mind me, continue talking,” Tegoshi smiled from the couch, scaring Jin and Yamapi.

           “You’re still here?” Jin asked. Tegoshi nodded and grinned, before showing them a peace sign. “Awww, he’s harmless, so he can stay,” Ryo giggled, when he finally recovered from embarrassment.

           “So are you guys going to do it or not?” Ryo asked. “Ryo-chan, as much as we love you, we don’t want to do it,” Yamapi explained. “Are you scared that I look way better than you two as a girl?” Ryo smirked. “Hey! We look amazing as girls too!” Jin pouted. “Just to let you know, you’re not the only one that gets hit on by guys,” Yamapi added.

           “Is that a challenge?” Ryo smirked. “Fuck…”Jin and Yamapi whispered, when they both realized that they fell into Ryo’s trap. “If it’s a challenge, there must be a prize right?” Jin asked. Ryo stood there with his right hand on his chin, tilting his head to the right, thinking. “If Jin wins, he can have me to himself for a week and Pi-chan can only watch. Same with Pi-chan, if Pi-chan wins, he can have me to himself for a whole week and Jin can only watch. If I win, you guys get to spoil me, and bring me on dates!” Ryo giggled.

           “Wouldn’t that be a win, win, win situation for you?” Jin asked. “Got a problem with that?” Ryo glared. “Not at all, as long as you or me win, it’s fine,” Jin smiled. “What would happen to Kazuya, Tat-chan, and Shige though, if me or Jin wins?” Yamapi asked. “They aren’t going to be happy if only Yamapi or me get you for ourselves, for one week,” Jin realized.

            “Well, from the two of you, whoever loses will have to distract the other three for a week. Basically, that means you have to do everything they say, so the winner and me, get to be together. We don’t really have to worry about that right now, since obviously I’ll win,” Ryo smiled.

           “As long as Pi doesn’t win, I don’t care,” Jin replied. “I don’t care as long as Jin doesn’t win, so lets do our best Ryo-chan!” Yamapi smiled, grabbing both of Ryo’s hands and enveloping them in his own. Jin pouted and pulled Yamapi away from Ryo. “Ryo-chan, I’ll definitely win for you,” Jin smiled, before placing a soft kiss on Ryo’s forehead.

           “All three of you should wear the same style of clothing, so it’s fair,” Tegoshi interrupted from the couch. “Why don’t you guys try the Lolita style?” Tegoshi suggested. Tegoshi laughed at the three men’s horrid expressions. “Ryo-tan say something,” Tegoshi smirked. “Eh?… Well… Uh… I guess it’s fine since Tego-nyan suggested it,” Ryo smiled nervously.  Tegoshi… If Ryo didn’t adore you so much, you’ll be dead by know, Jin and Yamapi thought angrily. Tegoshi laughed quietly to himself, when he saw Jin and Yamapi’s angry expressions.

           “Good, now go get changed,” Tegoshi smiled. The three men sighed and went to choose their outfit. Ryo picked out an all white Lolita dress and a curly magenta wig. “What have I got myself into?” Ryo whispered to himself while staring at the bows and lace. Maybe I should just run away and hide… Ryo thought. Oh right, I want to win so I can get pampered and brought on dates, Ryo remembered. Wait a second, they spoil me all the time anyways… and Tego-nyan also taught me how to get whatever I want… Ryo reasoned to himself.

           “Ryo-chan, stop staring at the dress and change already!” Jin whispered in his ear, making Ryo jump. “Ryo-chan, we’re waiting for you,” Yamapi whispered in his other ear. Ryo’s eyes widened when he saw both Yamapi and Jin already changed.  Yamapi and Jin’s dress were both black and white, but their headbands were a different style.

           Ryo poked Yamapi’s red rose that was attached to his black headband, tugging Yamapi’s blue, curly, hair, gently and giggled. Ryo twirled Jin’s long, curly, blond hair with his fingers before playing with Jin’s small, black, bows, on Jin’s white headband. Ryo thought they looked cute, but in a way still beautiful and alluring.

           “Ryo, we know we are attractive but get changed already,” Jin laughed. Ryo hurriedly changed into his outfit and hid his face with his hands. “No need to feel embarrassed, You’re adorable,” Yamapi smiled, making Ryo blush.

           “Let’s go, wait… where are we going?” Jin asked. “Let just go to a nightclub, guys try to pick up girls all the time over there,” Yamapi suggested. Jin and Ryo agreed and the three of them headed to a special club. The club they went to was the same as every other club, people drank, danced, sometimes had sex with random people, and sometimes people secretly took and sold drugs. The only thing different about this club was that everyone was required to dress up before going in. The three of the wished each other good luck before heading inside the club and splitting up in different directions.

           It’s only been ten minutes since Ryo split away from Jin and Yamapi, and he could feel all the stares directed in his direction. Ryo was starting to feel very uncomfortable, and wondered if it was such a good idea. I want to go back home, and have Kazuya worry about me, and pet my hair, while Tat-chan starts scolding me for something, with Yamapi and Jin jumping into my defense, and Shige stopping a fight from breaking out, and tries to act manly and cool… Ryo thought, pouting to himself.

           Thirty minutes later, Ryo stood in the middle of the dance floor, pouting. He was tired of people trying to touch him when he danced. Although Ryo was happy to have lots of guys hit on him so he could win the contest, all the unnecessary touching, whispers, and looking was starting to piss him off. When Ryo, Yamapi, and Jin made a bet or started a contest, they kept their own score since they trusted each other enough to not cheat. So far about twenty five guys tried to ask him out, but he refused them all, because they all looked like they wanted to attack him and he already had five boyfriends himself.

           “You know, a cute child like yourself shouldn’t just stand there and pout; It makes people want you,” a somewhat familiar voice whispered into Ryo’s ear. “You know, you’re very cute,” the man whispered before kissing Ryo, making Ryo blush and push him away. “I’m not a child,” Ryo glared. “I know you’re not Ryo-chan, but do you know how dangerous it is to be alone like this? Do you know how many pedophiles would love to get their hands on you? You’re in a fucking club Ryo!” the man scolded, and took off the mask the covered his face. “Shi... Shi… Shige,” Ryo stuttered, surprised.

           Shige glared at Ryo and Ryo ran away, because he need to warn Yamapi and Jin. Ryo took out his cell phone ready to text the two of them, but tripped and fell on top of another man. “Fuck, stupid shoes!” Ryo cursed and apologized to the other man while trying to text the other two. “Ryo-chan, You should be more careful! What if you get hurt?” a familiar voice scolded. “Kazuya…” Ryo whispered in surprise.

           “Your cell phone is confiscated for right now, don’t even try to text them. We already caught them,” another familiar voice announced before snatching Ryo’s phone away. “But Tat-chan…” Ryo pouted, not at all surprised anymore. “No buts: we’re going home,” Tatsuya sighed. “Ryo, don’t run off like that again,” Shige sighed, before picking Ryo up and carrying him out the club.

           Ryo pouted and buried his face in Shige’s shoulders. But one thing for sure was that Ryo was glad that it was Shige, because he hated the thought of being kissed by a random man. He also felt more comfortable than when he was alone. Ryo stayed silent the whole time they were brought home.

           “For the rest of the month, the three of you are to go straight home after work,” Tatsuya ordered. “Well, Ryo-chan is allowed to go out but one of us has to be with you,” Tatsuya said while pointing to himself, Kazuya, and Shige. “You’re not allowed to cook either Ryo,” Shige added and Ryo cried. To cook was like playing the guitar to Ryo, which meant breathing. “Shige…” Ryo whined in between sobs.

           “Okay, that was a lie. You’re cooking is great and it’ll be punishment for us too if we’re not able to eat it for so long,” Shige said before pulling Ryo into a hug. “Sorry, I only wanted to see your cute, crying face,” Shige laughed before petting Ryo’s head. “You sadistic jerk,” Ryo half pouted and glared, before whacking Shige’s head.

           “Wait… How did you find us? Why does Ryo get special treatment?” Jin pouted. “Tegoshi,” Shige replied. “Ryo-chan gets special treatment because he won’t cause trouble like you two,” Kazuya replied. “Ryo-chan was also the person who brought all six of us together,” Tatsuya added. “Tegoshi also told us to lessen Ryo’s punishment if we wanted to know where you guys were,” Shige commented.

           “Don’t make a decision about our punishment yet, we have something to discuss,” Ryo replied, before dragging Yamapi and Jin into his room. Kazuya just stared at closed door to Ryo’s room; Tatsuya prayed that they weren’t planning a prank, and Shige massaged his head and sighed. After ten minutes of waiting, Ryo, Yamapi, and Jin finally came out.

           “We have a proposal,” Yamapi smiled. “A very good one,” Jin smirked. Ryo nodded, looking proud of himself. “First off, You get to take us out on a date!” Jin announced. “You’ll each also receive seven Ryo-chan service tickets,” Ryo smiled, swiping out twenty one tickets. Shige, Kazuya, and Tatsuya stared at Ryo with interest.

           The offer was extremely tempting, since Ryo only gave them tickets on special occasions.  Ryo-chan service tickets were kind of rare. The point of the tickets was that Ryo would do whatever you want for three hours. Well three hours was a short amount of time but it was Ryo, so three hours was a extremely long time. Ryo smirked at their reactions.

           “As a bonus this time, we decided to give Jin and Yamapi service tickets too,” Ryo announced, making the three men in front of him gasp in surprise. Ryo was the only one who ever gave tickets, so they were tempted to accept the offer. “You’ll each also get seven tickets each, so all three of you will end up with twenty one tickets,” Yamapi informed.

           Jin walked over to Shige and sat on his lap. “You know we could do things like this,” Jin smiled seductively, before taking Shige’s hand and placing it on his neck. Jin wrapped his arms around Shige’s neck before kissing him. “I could also strip or dance for you,” Jin whispered in Shige’s ear before pulling away. Shige blushed and stared at Jin.

           Jin laughed quietly before moving on to his next victim. “Tat-chan, I can dress up for you and prepare a bath for you,” Jin giggled in a cute voice. “Would you strip and join me in the bath too?” Tatsuya asked with a serious face. Jin nodded and Tatsuya pulled Jin into a hug and kissed him. Everything is going perfectly, Ryo’s a genius, Jin grinned to himself. Jin shot Ryo and Yamapi a victory sign and told them to come over.

           Ryo and Yamapi walked towards the last person with Jin. “Kazuya, Pi-chan and I can cook with you while Jin tries to distract us and steal our food,” Ryo suggested. “We can give you full body massages too,” Yamapi grinned. “I can also sing and dance for you,” Jin smiled. Jin decide to kiss Kazuya since he use that technique on Tatsuya and Shige. While Jin and Kazuya were busy kissing each other Ryo and Yamapi went off too Tatsuya.

           “Ryo and I could bake you all the sweets you want,” Yamapi grinned. “You already know how amazing his cooking and baking skills are don’t you?” Yamapi laughed, when he saw Tatsuya go off to his own world. Ryo smirked at Tatsuya’s reaction before pulling Yamapi towards Shige. “Shige, The three of us can be your models,” Ryo giggled before cuddling against Shige’s chest. “We will do whatever poses you want, and you can get as much pictures you want of us in different outfits,” Yamapi smiled, caressing Shige‘s cheek.

           Jin, Yamapi, and Ryo giggled, and waited for their reactions. “Well?” Yamapi asked. “Proposal accepted!” Kazuya announced after speaking to the other two. Ryo, Yamapi, and Jin cheered and hugged each other. “Let’s celebrate!” Jin bounced excitedly. “Should we go out and drink?” Yamapi suggested. “We should,” Ryo agreed. “Ryo-chan, where did you learn these things anyways?” Jin asked, while they headed towards the door. “Learn what?” Ryo asked. “Your plans, and stuff,” Jin replied. “Tego-nyan; he knows everything! He‘s the one that taught me how to get what I want!” Ryo giggled.

           Shige walked up the three of them and dragged them towards the couch. “I’m using my tickets, I want my pictures right now!” Shige announced. Ryo, Jin, and Yamapi pouted and it didn’t work so they glared. “We were going to go out and celebrate!” Ryo glared. “Too bad!” Shige replied.
             “After Shige’s done with you guys, I want that full body massage. I also want to take up that cooking offer. Jin can sing for us while we cook,” Kazuya announced. “I would love to have three of you dress up in maid costumes while preparing the bath for me. It would be lovely if you three joined me in that bath after baking me a bunch of sweets,” Tatsuya smiled.

           Their own plan was working against them and they didn’t like it. Good thing three of them had a plan for revenge just in case. Just you wait the three of them thought as they were forced into different poses and clothes. “Wait a second, didn’t we kind of skip work? Our break was over a long time ago,” Kazuya panicked. “Whatever, just call Johnny and say we’re all sick or something. It’s already late anyways.” Tatsuya suggested.

           The next morning Ryo, Jin, and Yamapi arrived to work extremely tired. “You guys look terrible! What happened?” Koyama asked with concern. “It’s nothing…” Ryo sniffled. Koyama stared at the three of them worriedly. Yamapi and Jin both squeezed one of Ryo’s arm gently to comfort him. Ryo started to cry a little and explain what happened. Thank god Ryo is such a great actor when he needs to be, Jin and Yamapi thought. Well it’s not like Ryo was lying to Koyama, he just left certain things out of his explanation.

           Ryo, Yamapi, and Jin were sitting in Jin’s dressing room and laughing quietly to themselves.  They were so sure that their boyfriends will have an extremely hard time at work today. To celebrate they decided to play cards and drink tea, since they can’t get drunk at work. They played round after round, waiting for work to start. Eventually they got bored and decided to send prank calls to Shirota, Kusano, and Toma. An hour later Kazuya, Tatsuya, and Shige showed up at Jin’s dressing room angrily. “What did you guys do?” Tatsuya glared.

           “Do you know Hikaru, Yabu, Kusano, and  Koyama came up to me with disappointed expressions? Even Massu stared at me with the same expression!” Shige complained. “Takaki, and Yamada glared at me!” Kazuya complained. “Do you know how annoying it is to have people come up to you every few minutes staring at you with a disappointed look? It’s either a disappointed look, or a glare! We even got hate mail!” Tatsuya shouted. Ryo, Yamapi, and Jin whimpered in fear. They really wanted to laugh but Tatsuya was extremely scary when he was mad. The three of them prayed that Tatsuya doesn’t try to kill them.

           “The three of you are grounded for the rest of the month,” Tatsuya glared. “But it’s only the beginning of the month!” Jin whined. “You accepted our proposal!” Yamapi pouted.  “You can’t ground me! I’m Ryo-chan!” Ryo pouted. “Does it look like we care?” Tatsuya glared. “Well Ryo-chan isn’t grounded,” Shige announced. “What?” Everyone asked surprised. “Me and Tegoshi have a deal,” Shige replied. “Yup, we do!” Tegoshi grinned, when he came in. “I’m going to give him some pictures I got from yesterday in order to let Ryo be free from punishment. Ryo-chan, we can hang out together now,” Tegoshi grinned.

           “Tego-nyan… This was all part of your plan wasn’t it?” Ryo asked and Tegoshi nodded. “If you missed me, you could have just asked me. But that’s so cute!” Ryo giggled, before hugging Tegoshi. “So can we hang out after work?” Tegoshi asked. “Sorry, but maybe another time though… I can’t betray Jin and Pi-chan!” Ryo apologized, before kissing Tegoshi’s right cheek. Tegoshi pouted and left, ignoring all the glares directed from Ryo’s jealous boyfriends. Ryo felt a little bad for not accepting Tegoshi’s invite, but he really couldn’t just leave Jin and Yamapi alone.

           “You guys won’t win so easily!” Ryo declared to Shige, Tatsuya, and Kazuya. “We would love to see your next move,” Shige replied. “Try all you want, your guys are going to end up crying like the little kids you are,” Tatsuya smirked. “Don’t make the wrong move or were going to have to hurt you guys,” Kazuya warned. “Let’s see where this goes,” Yamapi replied. “You guys better surrender now, unground us before we make you guys beg to touch us,” Jin smirked. “Oh Jin… Have you forgotten about the tickets?” Tatsuya smirked, walking towards Jin and caressing his cheeks. Jin’s eyes widened and gulped in fear.

           “Before we start, I need good luck,” Kazuya whispered before making out with Yamapi. “I think I need good luck too,” Shige smiled to Ryo before pulling him into a hug. Ryo was unsure why he was making out with Shige for good luck, but he didn’t really care. They all knew they would be enemies after this so they all took their time with each other before switching partners. Two hours later Shige, Kazuya, and Tatsuya waved goodbye to them, and left to set up their own plans.

           “We’re going to show them that they can’t control us just because they are the guys in the relationship!” Jin declared. “But they are so sexy when they are in control and I love being spoiled by them,” Ryo sighed, with a dreamy face. “Fuck, we forgot you were a masochist… Ryo! Snap out of it!” Yamapi cried, before whacking Ryo over the head. Ryo stared at him and pouted.

           “We need to find a way to win, I mean this is war!” Jin reminded Ryo. “Right!! But how? Yesterday they only had to use one ticket to get all three of us, and they satisfied all three of them… They used three tickets in a roll too… We barely got any sleep last night” Ryo pouted. “We are so screwed!” Jin cried. “We could do this!” Yamapi smiled trying to cheer them up.

           “They have Shige, he’s extremely smart. He’ll definitely be the strategist.  Tatsuya is the strongest out of all of us. Not only do they have a strategist, they have strength. They also have Kazuya to balance them both out. He’s able to find faults in plans and great at leading people. He will definitely be leader,” Ryo reminded him.

           “Don’t worry about it too much, we’ll win because we are us,” Yamapi comforted. “Yeah, you’re right, lets go out for drinks,” Jin suggested. “We still have work and we’re grounded remember,” Ryo reminded. “Oh yeah… But can’t we just go after work? I mean, I thought declaring war on them meant we didn’t have to listen to them,” Jin pouted. “Are you crazy? We are will be playing right into their plans if we don’t go straight home after work!” Yamapi groaned. Jin stared at Yamapi in confusion.

           “If we don’t take our punishment like we are suppose to then it will definitely double, and they would have a excuse to punish us. They could also make us do things without a ticket. I mean do you really want to go against them, unfairly? If we don’t play fair, they won’t either,” Yamapi explained. “They aren’t going to go easy on us… I know they are going to use Tat-chan to scare us… I have as bad feeling about this,” Ryo shivered.

           “Ryo, don’t lose hope yet. We could always gain people on our sides. Kanjani8 will automatically be on our side because you’re here. Nino will probably be on our side because of me and Ryo-chan, while Matsujun will probably be on our side because of Jin and Ryo-chan. The two of them will probably persuade the rest of Arashi on our side. Chinen will automatically join our side because of Arashi.”

           “Takaki will probably join our side because of Jin. Hikaru and Yamada will probably join our side because of Ryo-chan. They would probably make the rest of Hey Say Jump on our side. Even though some of them are close to Kame and Shige, we won their support this morning, which means we can do it again.”

           “KAT-TUN will probably stay out of it or join Kazuya and Tatsuya. For NewS, Tegoshi will probably join us, but the for Massu and Koyama, they will probably join Shige. Toma, Kusano, and Uchi will join us because of us. Tackey will most likely join our side because of me. We also have lots of admirers and fans in Johnny’s and the staffs love us too,” Yamapi explained.

           “If we want power, we need people. We could win this by using power against power,” Ryo smirked. “That makes sense. Ah, life is good when you have so many supporters,” Jin giggled. The three men relaxed and celebrated by drinking tea. After celebrating, the three got tired and decided to sleep.

           Yamapi and Jin laid down next to each other on the bed sized couch. Ryo climbed on top of Yamapi and snuggled into his chest, and grabbed onto Jin’s right hand, holding it tightly, before falling asleep. Jin and Yamapi grinned at each other before staring at Ryo and falling asleep themselves.

           An hour later, their angry managers stormed in and scolded them for skipping practice. Ryo cursed for forgetting; Jin pouted for getting scolded, and Yamapi had a feeling that winning wouldn’t be as easy as they thought. After all war wasn’t that easy to win.      

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*loool* Too many boyfriends to count! He really is special, right?^^
No way they could live without a date for ONE MONTH XD I can totally imagine Shige, Ueda and Kame sitting at the kitchen table, totally grumpy and annoyed because they can't take Ryo on a date^^
*lol* Or just think about he would beat them with a I-don't-want-to-go-out-with-anyone-of-you-now tactic^^

Ohhh...I'm sure you'll do great!
By the way, what are you doing? College? School?

lol <3 He is!~ <3
lmao, I could totally see that happening because Jin&Pi-chan will probably be stealing Ryo away most of the time!~ <3
lol, he should do that but they would all probably just team up and kidnap him!~ ^-^

Thanks!~ *hugs* :)
I'm in high school ^-^

*lol* Ryo punishing the others with not going on a date with them? That would be quite a big thing then *g*

Oh...High school? It's just the time of the finals now?
How annoying! But I'm sure you'll be great! *hugsback*

lol <3 It would be torture for his boyfriends!` <3 but it would be funny to see them trying to persuade Ryo-chan to go on one!~ <3 :)

Well, for other schools it was before winter break but I go to a charter school so our schedule is kinda different. It is and thanks!~ ^-^ *hugs*

*looooool* That would be great! Just imagine the other 5 trying to persuade him to go on a date - that would be great fun XD

Oh...I'm sorry, but what's a charter school? *hasnoidea*

lmao, that would be fun!~ <3

A charter school is a school that is neither private or public. It's free and not run by the government. The grading system is different and the schedule is different too. ^-^

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