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Taking A Break
 If anyone sees this. I'm here to say thank you for everything!~:) It was extremely fun to write fanfics but I'm taking a break from it. ^-^ I shall fangirl Kpop and AAA or watch Anime, dramas, or variety shows and read manga&fanfics during my break from writing. This break could last from a week to a few months, I don't know. Unless Ryo-chan comes up with a new drama or solo, or Kanjani8 comes up with a new song or something, I'll probably try to stay away from JE. I'll most likely still talk about them to people or read Ryopi fanfics. Once again Thank You for everything!~  ^-^ Bye  fandom! Well I won't actually be gone but whatever. lol <3   

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NOOOOOO, hiks, i'll miss you....(TT^TT).. do you want "HIATUS"?? or just only take a "break" from write fanfics?? D:

hiks, i thought i can talk more with you & friends after my "break", but you wanna do shame with me.. (TT^TT)...

maybe you'll stay away from JE, but please don't leave me..
i'll be so lonely without you... coz you're one from my close friends..

but i don't wanna bother you, my dear..
everyone have their personal decide..
i'll respect yours..

but we are still a friends, aren' we???

i hope Ryo-chan, Kanjani8, or NEWS will come up soon as possible to do more activities... *the near one is Kanjani's CRAYON SHINCHAN*
i'll share info with you..
and i'll try hard to update your LJ...

i'll miss you...


Don't worry I'm only taking a break from writing fanfics!~ ^-^ I'll still talk to you!~

awww :) Even if I leave JE fandom I'll still be your friend!~ I'll always be your friend! Speaking to you always helps me regain energy! You're too amazing to leave. <3

Thank You, I'm glad you understand. Sorry for the confusion too. *hugs*

It'll be nice if they did. awww :) Thanks! <3

*hugs* I'll still be here, most likely. :)

yokata ne.. your entry sounds like you wanna go far away..

ah, it's embarrassing, i sound like a pity person, who don't have friends.. (>/////<), ah gomen ne...

i'm very glad about this.. (^////^) hehe..

It's probably because I felt like leaving JE fandom again por the pass month or so... lol <3

awww *hugs* Don't apologize.

^-^ hope we stay good friends!~ <3

what ?
you're taking a break ?
(can fangirls do that?)
its not even a hiatus right?

so. . .
i will be hearing from u nee?
just not your writing fanfics?

(miss u already)

Just a break in writing fanfiction. ^-^
It is possible!~ lol <3 The actual JE has just been extremely boring and tiring lately.

Of course, unless I "accidentally" delete my lj because I'm insane that way or if I officially leave fandom again and you don't want to talk to me... Well, if I leave fandom, I'll probably not leave fully because of Ryo-chan... It's all his fault for dragging me back with his amazing acting skills and his amazingness... lol
sorry *hugs*

NO !!
dont leave ! ;.;

i mean, yes, we're not that close, but you're one of the closest NEWS fan friend i have.

*hugs tight*

Sorry for the confusion. I'm not leaving, well not yet at least. As I said in my comment before this I won't fully leave JE fandom, if that happens again I'l probably still be in JE fandom a little because of Ryo-chan. I'm just taking a break from writing fanfics and maybe JE. I'll probably read some JE fanfics and fangirl Ryo-chan and Kanjani8 a little if I remember to. Unless a miracle happens, like Kusano appearing or Ryo-chan having a new drama, or Kanjani8 having a new show, or Yuyan having a new solo, my break would probably be shorter. I'll still go on lj and talk to people but maybe not as often as I use to.

awww :) Thank you!~ I hope we become closer friends in the future!~ *hugs*

*hugsryotanfan29* *doesn'tlethergoagain*
You are so nice, I really really like you! I hope we can keep talking to each other, even if you take a break?

You'll be still around on Livejournal right? So we can write messages?

Well, sometimes fandoms and fangirling change...but maybe taking a break will help you to come back to JE. Who knows^^

*hugs* Thanks!~ ;) <3 You're really nice too!~ Of course we can!~ ^-^

yup, I will still be on to lj!~ <3

that's true, lol <3 who knows, it might!~ :)

yokatta ~
then lets be closer nee~
whatever happens, we're be friends always (:

PS : got twitter acc ? :3

Yes!~ ^-^
of course!~ :) *hugs*

I made one but didn't understand it so I don't use is. lol <3 It's confusing, and too lazy to update it. *coughs* I have facebook. do you? <3 ^-^

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